"360 Degree"
Experience Strategy Audit


To ensure a consistent experience for the customers on the “company frontend” a fully implemented Experience Strategy at your “company backend” is crucial, especially in terms of streamlining experience measures and the allocated resources.

The Experience Strategy Audit delivers a 360° view on the current level and maturity of your customer-centredness. The results will build a stable base for the development and institutionalization of a long-term and customer-centred strategy.

Method & Service

• Analysis workshops

• Stakeholder and employee interviews

• Questionnaires

• 2 consultants at client’s site for 5 working days

• Preparation of analysis report

Covered aspects

• Processes behind product and service portfolio development

• Usage of customer-centred design methods, tools and standards

• Level of integration of methods

• Existing knowledge and skills of employees /user interface design, service design etc.

• Current mindset (employees, stakeholder) concerning usability, user experience, design etc.

• Development of Experience Strategy Roadmap and definition of goals


• EUR 20.000,- (excl. VAT)

• Travel and accommodation expenses not included

Download Audit Summary