Why it's Ubiquitous

86% of customers will pay more for a better experience

• People share their experience

• Brilliant experience grabs customers

• Just new features aren’t enough anymore

Source: 2011 Customer Experience Impact Report, Oracle

Why brilliant customer experience is not a luxury anymore.

A compelling experience is a “must have” for every business in today’s market

From the consumer products market in the 21st century, it is known that customer requirements of products and services can be summarized this way: “easy, clear, quick, intelligent, and sophisticated”.

A pure technical function should not be a “nice to have”; customers will rather take it for granted. Furthermore, customers take their positive “leisure experiences” with online shops, search engines, web mailers, and social media platforms into their workplace and professional environment.

A well-crafted experience avoids “me too” effects

Business providers try to combat competitive pressure with an expanded functional scope and a longer list of features. The trend toward “more functions than in the last release” becomes a problem if the customers’ needs are forgotten, when requirements increase.

. In contrast to this, the goal of experience management is to connect the optimal design of product and service experiences with a positive customer experience from the point of view of the future customer.

Brilliant experience leads to customer loyalty

Especially in established market segments, product features that exceed standard qualities have a significant effect on purchasing decisions, customer loyalty, and brand loyalty. Accordingly the focus should be on customers with their ideas, needs and concerns.

Usability, customer experience, and user interface design become “business tools” that have a lasting influence on the success of a product and represent a significant differentiating feature.

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