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Experience Strategy
Change to a Customer-Driven Company

• A systematic process leads to successful change

• We will guide you through all phases

• You will profit from an individual roadmap for your company

Our services are grounded in a proven model to institutionalize an Experience Strategy within your company

The USECON consulting portfolio covers four phases to institutionalize an Experience Strategy in your company.

1 - Seed & Audit

Within the Seed & Audit phase the current level and maturity of your customer-centredness will be evaluated. Furthermore an Experience Champion will be identified who will promote the experience effort internally. The main goal of this phase is to start the change towards an experience mindset.
Available services:

Experience Strategy Awareness Workshop

• Going the way from a company-driven to a customer-driven organization

Experience Champion Identification

• How to identify an experience champion within your organization

Roadmap Definition

• Definition of a phase plan to institutionalize an Experience Strategy

Experience Strategy Audit

• Analysis of product & service portfolio from a customer experience viewpoint

• Analysis of implemented processes and used methods

• Analysis of team skills

2 - Setup Phase

In the following “Setup” phase the strategy itself, goals and metrics will be developed, the initial team will be staffed and the organizational framework will be established.
Available services:

Experience Strategy Development

• Development of a modular Experience Strategy and Customer Experiences Mindset

• Step by step institutionalization

• Alignment with business strategy

Budgeting & Controlling

• Definition of KPIs in relation to the Experience Strategy

• Budgeting of planned measures

Identification of Quick Wins

• Identification of rapid actions that can improve the customer experience

Setup of Customer Experience Team

• Establishment of the team within the organization

• Training of processes, methods and tools

3 - Rollout Phase

In the next phase entitled “Rollout” the main focus is on conducting a series of pilot projects. The main goal is to validate the Experience Strategy by gathering data and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) metrics under real world conditions. This phase has a strong focus on measuring the RoX (Return on Experience) strategy.
Available services:

Pilot Projects

• Support during the first pilot projects

• Dissemination of project results and achievements

Measuring KPIs and Goals

• Monitoring of first results

• Rolling forecast, planning and budgeting


• Workshops, trainings to improve customer experience knowledge, skill, methods and tools

4 – Sustainability Phase

The 4th phase „Sustainability“ is mainly about living the established strategy in every project, “keeping the momentum” and refining the strategy according to the business goals in light of an institutionalized, long-term customer-centred strategy.
Available services:

Consulting Support

• Consolidation of customer experience mindset

• Analysis of metrics and results

• Fine tuning of the Experience Strategy

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