Why it Matters

A solid Experience Strategy guarantees a consistent and gainful product and service experience.

• Customer loyalty is based on brilliant experience

• An incomplete experience will reduce business success

• Innovation has to focus on customer experience

Why a solid Experience Strategy is a key factor for success.

An Experience Strategy bundles dispersed efforts

Practical experience shows that a full customer-driven mindset is rarely implemented by companies, regardless of industry and size of enterprise. More frequently only limited experience measures are taken in some phases of the lifecycle management for some products or service of the whole portfolio.

To design a consistent experience for all touch points with any product or service, it is important to incorporate customers right from the beginning in the development process – as well as during the various stages of the product lifecycle management.

An Experience Strategy ensures a consequent customer-driven development process

To ensure a consistent experience for the customers on the “company frontend”, a fully implemented Experience Strategy is crucial, especially in terms of streamlining experience measures and the allocation of resources. So a high-level experience strategy on the “company backend” is becoming ever more important and taking on a central role in company processes.

Therefore the development and institutionalization of a long-term, customer-centred strategy pays off for the development, implementation, and usage of every single product or service of your whole portfolio.

An Experience Strategy demands customer-centred innovation

Use your customers’ knowledge and potential to enrich your portfolio – turn your customers into innovators! Modern communication, current web technologies and the omnipresence of advertising break down the barrier between companies and customers and bring your customers closer together.

To keep pace with changing markets a sustainable Experience Strategy demands also elements of customer-centred innovation.

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