"Eureka!" Experience Strategy
Essentials Workshop


This workshop will provide you with fundamental information about Usability, User Experience and Customer Experience. Furthermore the workshop will impart prerequisites for building a sustainable Experience Strategy for your business.

Why book the workshop?

• Raise the awareness for your customer-drivenness

• Learn what usability, user experience and customer experience is about

• Get to know what makes a product or service desirable

• Notice why experience management is a major success factor for your company

• Learn the fundamentals about institutionalizing an Experience Strategy

• Discover how to proceed with next steps

Topics covered

• The “What, Why and How” about usability, user experience and customer experience

• Fundamentals about experience management

• Implementation of this knowledge in practice

• Best practices


• Lecture with group exercises

• 2 day in-house workshop

• Supported by 2 instructors

Target audience

• Chief executive officers or equivalent

• Directors or vice presidents, e.g. marketing, product management, development, customer service

• Executives involved with customer experience initiatives (companywide or within a channel)


• EUR 6.500,- (excl. VAT)

• Travel and accommodation expenses not included

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